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 HDI naar de afgrond?

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BerichtOnderwerp: HDI naar de afgrond?   wo maa 28, 2012 2:46 pm

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Are HDI and Xtreamer following DViCo next?


We all processed the news on DViCo exiting the player market in our own way, although it was partially expected after all the changes and key people leaving the brand for what it was, not to mention the long struggle of DviCo to recover some of it's past glory... Rumor has it, that we may very well be surprised again soon by more recent "successes" to fail, in fact, two of the three most known brands over the past years may eventually disappear. We are talking about HDI and Xtreamer... while it concerns mainly rumors, people discussing the possibility of these brands disappearing are not just average John Doe's...

Rumor has it GazProm is somewhat tangled with HDI in a dispute that may cost HDI quite a bit of money. The reason of the dispute is a Russian Channel included (Kartina TV) on HDI players which makes it very popular in Russia among others, yet licensing is an issue which triggered GazProm to appearantly talk to HDI on regulating and / or removing Kartina TV. In Europe, on top of the domestic issues, HDI seems to loose ground rapidly with their lack of important updates or come true on promises that 2 years ago "warranted" the high pricing of their units. Let's face it, in addition to these issues, the SMART models are by far not resulting in the sales HDI expected... In fact, I believe, if not for the lack of competition by Syabas back then in the C-200 and none Hybrid state of the C-300 now results in more success for HDI than the brand itself and isn't there a huge concentration from HDI now on the TV market?

Where it's going to lead... I don't know but HDI is danger in my opinion...

Rumor has it that Xtreamer pricing strategy and average hardware, quirky operations are finally catching up with the brand. Rumor has it that Xtreamer is in a steep decline of sales despite their overly aggressive marketing strategy.

We don't have more news on Xtreamer and don't want to speculate. It is however clear something is cooking, and with Mede8er and PopCorn Hour growing market share, it may be hard for XT to compete in their old way, by aggressive pricing.

The brands for 2012 seem to be Mede8er and PopCorn Hour, among other Android based brands.

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HDI naar de afgrond?
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